Speed painting White Magnolia Watercolor video

My dear Friends. I recorded my first video about speed painting. I decided to create a new youtube account for my art because my idea is to have an international feedback now. My regular youtube is about vlogging in my native language so it is good to separate them from each other. I love watercolours and I would like to share here and on youtube my passion with you. If you like the film please give thumbs up and let me know your thoughts in the comment section. Below you will find the link which directs you to my video on Youtube.

Moi drodzy Widzowie! Dzisiaj przychodze do Was z filmikiem typu speed painting czyli malowanie w przyspieszonym tempie. I to jest moje pierwsze video tego typu i pierwsze na  nowym kanale, ktory zdecydowalam sie zalozyc na youtube na potrzeby artystyczne. Mysle, ze jest lepiej oddzielic tematyke vlogowania od malowania a ponadto chce aby moj nowy kanal byl anglojezyczny. Kocham malowanie i nagrywanie filmow a szczegolnie lubie akwarele i kwiaty i chcialabym dzielic sie ta pasja z Wami, a moim szczegolnym zamiarem jest abyscie mogli sie takze czegos nauczyc. Prosze “lajkujcie” i komentujcie, napiszcie mi Wasze oczekiwania. Ponizej link, ktory przekieruje Was do mojego filmiku na Youtube.

Speed painting White Magnolia Watercolor video


Watercolor easel

Good quality art materials and all equipment is very nedded and helps to work easier, faster, more comfortable and efficient. That is why I just have bought this smal watercolor easel, because I wanted to have  something like this and I wonder what quality those paints inside are. The whole thing is not too expensive (good for beginers) so I guess those are of student’s quality but it does not matter. I will check them later and let you know. I am waiting for the package and propably in the middle of March I will posts some thoughts as a user.

The fear of white sheet of paper

Today I am going to discuss most important fear of every artist (but especially it is a fear of beginers) which paralise and does not allow to move forward with development of your abilities in painting. This is the feeling when you want to start, you are siting and looking at wonderfully clean, more or less expensive white sheet of paper and would like to change it into a beautiful artwork being worth to hang on the wall, worth to share in social media or to sell…and you can not start at all! You do not want to destroy your dream of being good in painting, you believe that you must be a master from the begining or you think how expensive art materials are and can not be wasted. Or perhaps you do not want to be mocking by people (family) you live with, bacause obviously they have this posibility to observe what you are just doing. Such feelings can accompany you for months or even years and you will never be enough ready to start. You will be looking for excuses with the need to clean up at home or that you feel tired. But thinking this way you will be simply better and better in house cleaning so…my congratulations! Now you can be hired as a cleaning lady (or a nanny). Whatever mastery in doing something it is, surely it is not mastery in painting. From this moment with your new occupation you will look with jealousy at other artist’s beautifull artworks being hung on a wall in the room where you just wipe the dust off. And why? Only because you were too coward or lazy one in the past. So do not allow your irrational thoughts direct your life anymore…
I must confess that I have the same problem even having a master’s degree in art. But…it is normal. Painting is a painfull and in the same time exciting process and you must go through all stages and what is most important you should finally understand that every mistake is a big step forward, not backward. Making mistakes you simply learn how not to make same mistakes in the future. So when you just have started to paint and you failed, bacause you have taken bad decisions about mixing colors, composition or you are surprised how “strange” (in your opinion) paints flow on this particular kind of a paper what you can do is to document this mistake. You can cut paper (your distroyed painting) in pieces where mistakes apeared and write down what you did bad or what bad mixture of which particular paints were used. And then you can start paint another one, a replique, having already a knowledge.


I just had such situation recently.

Here on the photo there is the last moment of painting being in progress before I took wrong decision and it finished his life in a dust bin!

I was painting a watercolor replique of my own oil painting “White magnolia” and when it was almost finished I decided to improve flower petals and what I did was to choose a color which was too warm and too red.

It completely changed nicely started watercolor with a muddy color dissonance. I could not do anythink to repair this mistake so I simply threw it into the garbage and started a new one the same day. Now I regret a little that I did not do what I advised you above to do with such wasted paintings.

And below there is the new one, just started the same day…I felt more comfortable to paint, because I learned a lot. And I hope now, knowing all of my experiences you are finally ready to start as well!!!


Marta J.V.Bartsch, “White magnolia”, 30 x 30 cm
watercolor on Romerturm Torchon paper, 275 g/m²


To paint this watercolor I was inspired by my own oil painting which was painted some time ago as a part of my master thesis. I shared it on Facebook and immediately some of my friends loved it and asked me to paint it once again for them because the original one was not available any more and it was also too big (120 x 120 cm) as for their needs. So here it is. A brand new and this time it is a briliant watercolor (30 x 30 cm). Yes, I fell in love with this technique and that is why I dedicated this blog to document the creativity processes while using this water medium and of course to share a joy of watercolor art with you.


I like how watercolors splashing and flowing on a paper. I see it as benefits of this technique. Some people however find it difficult  to control the purity of the concept of painting when they need a stroke of flat color and instead of this colors are mixing spontanously or moving in wrong directions. Perhaps  you are also one of those strugling artist who admire other watercolor artist’s artworks but can not paint similiar one yourself. If yes I will comfort you, this is all about a process of learning how to paint using watercolors and hours of exercises and experiences how these paints works. Every medium has its own techniques and it is simply waiting to discover. But if you still  can not achieve desirable effect maybe watercolors are not for you and you should try painting in e.g. oils.


I like silkiness, matt paper and strong, dark colors when needed. It is possible to achieve when you use artists quality paints. As for me this is the only choise. I believe that you are a beginer or someone who wants improve your knowledge and that is why you are just reading my blog so believe me I do not recommend use nothing what is suspiciously cheap or being bought in supermarket as a school set of paints for pupils. You will never achieve results like you can see on attached pictures. Watercolor is expensive technique but it is woths of a price knowing that all those paints are very efficient.

Here are a few close ups below. I like how watercolors splashing and flowing on a paper.

I am coming back permamently

After a long time of absence when many milestone things happend in my life I have decided permamently refresh this blog and come back to writing about art (especially mine as I am a visual artist) but also I am an enthusiast of Polish history so sometimes I will tell you some interesting stories about it.

What interesting has happend recently?

I have started a new drawing project inspired Zentangle art. I like it very much because it has helped me to bit my artistic block.

Below you can see work in progress.